The Print Show

September 30, 2016

"The Print Show" at Moberg Gallery

Curated by artists Mary Jones and Catherine Dreiss, "The Print Show" will showcase the work of over 20 artists at the Moberg Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa. Work will range from traditional prints on paper to installations that challenge and expand the definition of printmaking. I'm excited to be an invited artist to this expansive and excellent show of print work!

"Protected and Alone," 2015

Work I sent to this show includes several monotypes I created last summer at my residency at the SparkBox Studio in Canada. The techniques used are intentional: to replicate the idea of moments in time that cannot be reproduced or relived. These images are enriched by my affinity for rocks and their unique stories, including the ones that I make up for them. I like to ask questions like, "Can rocks be lonely?" I want to pursue these feelings in my work without sacrificing a scientific process to understanding the reality of their histories.