Creating Fossils & Whispers : Part 2 of 2

February 2, 2016

Today is relase day for the book Fossils & Whispers, the artist book that Cat Snapp and I created during our book arts residency last summer. We are so excited to finally present it to the public, with so much thanks for your support and interest while we worked, tweeted, instagrammed our process!

completed edition of Fossils & Whispers

I thought for a long time about how my relationship with rocks and land is connected to being able to "read" them and to pick them up, and I believe Fossils & Whispers really resonates with that feeling. The small and intimate structure works well for me. The size is exactly right for a pocket, to take with you or to share, and makes me think of the kind of field books I like to reference in my life.

It surrounds me with big spirits - stoic, whispering, stern.

This is another field book for your collection, perhaps one for a different kind of journey that joins you to the experience you have with nature.

The earth is alive here.

In reference to a field book, Cat and I made a pocket-sized book that is expressive rather than scientific in our observations in nature. Passages in the book are written by both authors to create a unified voice, and drawings were made together to create the same feeling.

The mountain sits. Still. The mountain stares.

Fossils & Whispers is a book that illustrates our love of nature and the emotional impact it has on us. The feeling of being in the wild invigorates both of us spiritually, emotionally, and creatively. By looking at the spaces around us, we inevitably look back at our own bodies and question our place within the larger cosmos.

close up of end pages

In the weeks before our public release, two books have already been purchased. One is going to the permanent collection of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art in Washington! In addition, the book is currently on display and available for purchase at Art.Science.Gallery in Austin and will be in the exhibition The Printed Page II at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver this month. If you have an interest in showing the book or obtaining it for your permanent collection, please contact us! For purchases, Fossils & Whispers is also available online from either artist at these links:

Cat Snapp's Shop

Nicole Geary's Shop

Finally, you can read Cat's post on the process and release on her blog! If you have any questions about the books or the process, please let us know.